McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Fast Food Chains started to accept Bitcoin In El Salvador, Something needed to know

Many food chain Companies started to accept Bitcoin payments. Expectations are beyond the thinking of many people, when they try to check about it at ground level. 

Every country in the world knows very well how El Salvador created a history to introduce Bitcoin as a legal Currency. Many people and businesses were thinking that the law is in effect since 7 September but there are huge chances that most of the businesses will not start to accept Bitcoin payments and probably they will take time to bring necessary tools to use to accept bitcoin payment better and easier. But it proved wrong when a popular reporter checked about it at the ground level.

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Journalist Aaron Van Wirdum reported that he was able to pay in Bitcoin, earlier he thought that he would not get an option but shockingly he was wrong. Wirdum shared his experience through a tweet. Where Wirdum bought items in McDonald. 

And also, Nayib Bukele showed himself as a reporter and invited their citizens to eat pizza with the payment in Bitcoin. 

Nayib Bukele shared his experience and tutorial on how to buy stuff through Chivo wallet within a matter of clicks. 

Similarly, other citizens also shared his experience buying coffee with Bitcoin payments in reply to the haters of Bitcoin law. 

But there, some users are facing problems with their wallet and it seems that they have problems with the particular mobile number provider company. Probably the government of El Salvador should overlook this issues to fix.

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