El Salvador ‘s Chivo wallet trending no. 1, Users are not able to use

Salvador’s president shared the success of the Chivo wallet through twitter. While users are facing issues with the Chivo wallet. 

As all of us know very well that El Salvador finally introduced Bitcoin law, yesterday. To use Bitcoin as a currency, the government of El Salvador launched a digital Salvador’s official wallet of Bitcoin “Chivo wallet”. 

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Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, shared a screenshot of the play store and showed his success with the Chivo wallet. Attached screenshot shows that Chivo Wallet is ranking at no. 1 in the finance apps category. 

Obviously, it was a clear indication by the government of El Salvador that people are accepting the new currency, Bitcoin. 

But there are many people who are facing issues with the Chivo wallet. Few users shared their problems with the Chivo wallet. Few of them claimed that they are not able to access the wallet, because the wallet is down.  And few claimed that the wallet is not down, something went wrong with the mobile number’s company. 

A user shared his concern about this problem on twitter, he tried many times to access the wallet with the same number on different devices but he failed. And when he tried with different mobile no., Then he succeeded to access the wallet. 

Probably, this is a problem of the Chivo wallet bug and Developers of Chivo wallet need to fix it from time, because many businesses will depend upon this payment platform to follow the Bitcoin law. 

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