Melbourne couple accidentally received $6.6M CryptoCom exchange & now will face plea trial


A couple in Melbourne accidentally received 10.5 million Australian dollars (AUD) and now will face a plea trial by October of this year. 

CryptoCom is a popular crypto trade platform, known for its high-level promotional stunts. Currently, this exchange has 80 million customers globally. 7 years ago, this exchange was founded by Bobby Bao, Kris Marszalek, & Rafael Melo. 

In May 2021, Thevamanogari Manivel transferred funds to her partner Jatinder Singh’s account but the exchange detected that Bank account details were not matching, so the exchange again issued a refund of 100 AUD but mistakenly sent 10.5 million AUD to Manivel’s bank account. 

The whole misconduct was hidden until the exchange conducted its annual audit in Dec 2021. To recover the funds the exchange filed a suit against this couple in the Victoria Supreme Court. 

As per reports this couple already used almost all of the funds to purchase properties but the court ordered the couple to return the funds. As per the condition, the purchased properties will be sold to recover funds. 

In Oct 2022, to get out of this suit or any kind of additional penalty, the couple alleged that they participated in the quiz organised by the CryptoCom exchange but the CryptoCom executive confirmed no such quiz was organised by the exchange.

It is worth it to note that Manivel has no clean past. In Sep 2023 she pleaded guilty in connection with a crime and before that, she faced 18 months of prison punishment for another crime. For now, Singh is set to face a plea trial on 23 Oct.

Some crypto X (formerly Twitter) users said that the Melbourne couple didn’t do right in the past because it was a moral duty to return the funds but they enjoyed the mistakenly received funds & now playing victim card game against the exchange.

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