Miss Universe official denies any link with “Miss Universe Coin”: Scam Alert 


Days after the announcement of the “Miss Universe Coin”, the Miss Universe Foundation officially denied any link or association with the project & called Miss Universe Coin a fraud coin.

Nearly two weeks ago the “Miss Universe Coin” crypto project came to light. The founder of the organisation managing the PBW Donald Lim announced this project during the Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) event. At the time he said that the Miss Universe Coin would be launched by PBW & the newly launched coin would provide power to people to vote for the Miss Universe Contestants.

On 22 Sep 2023, The Official foundation behind the Miss Universe Foundation responded to this crypto project and stated that the Miss Universe Organization and JKN Global Group have no link or any kind of association with the announced project. 

The Miss Universe officials confirmed that they will take legal action against the mentioned crypto project team against their misleading activities. 

Miss Universe official denies any link with "Miss Universe Coin": Scam Alert  1
Source: Facebook

The Miss Universe officials also sent an email to provide information on this matter to Binance-owned crypto news media Cointelegraph and confirmed that the mentioned crypto project is a fraud & nothing and also said that the fraudsters will try to promote this crypto project during the other big events in Dubai & Singapore.

Following the whole situation, the PBW responded and said that all the involved parties behind the Miss Universe crypto coin project are in contact with them and will soon give a report.

These types of news about new crypto project scams show that the bad actors can try to use any level of fraud/scam ideas to steal people’s money. So here we suggest every person do deep research before investing in any new crypto coin. 

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