Metamask Phishing Attack On A Crypto User, Lost $123,000

A user on reddit revealed that he has huge fund in his metamask wallet and was attacked by a hacker through Metamask phishing attack and then the user lost half of the fund. But one whitehate hacker helped him to save his rest of money.

Metamask is a web based wallet which enables a user to connect two or more different wallets & and make transactions easily. 

Phishing attack means to create a link or clone of an existing trusted platform and then steal login data or private details of the user to hack him.

On 12 July, an eager crypto user posted on reddit that he holds lots of funds ( around $240,000) in his metamask wallet. After that a hacker attacked him through a phishing trap and the owner lost control from his metamask wallet. 

Hacker started to withdraw funds from the user’s metamask wallet and he withdrew around half of the crypto worth of $123,000. 

When this user saw it, he was shocked and asked for help on reddit

Since many users criticized him for his mistake hold such a huge amount of funds in a web based wallet but still there were few users who suggested to take help from white hat hackers & technical support.

A reddit user 007happyguy directed me to a form to take help from white hat hacker. The form is “are happy to help out distressed individuals.” It’s an ad hoc service where people can take help from whitehat hackers directly if they are available.

The victim got a response from a white hat hacker and then he helped him to save half of the money. He used flashbots to rescue the funds of the victim.

Here we suggest, don’t put huge amounts of funds in your web based wallets specially in metamask and also don’t click any link which you don’t trust, especially if you are a bitcoiner or crypto holder.

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