Michael Saylor says crypto regulation on crypto is necessary

According to Michael Saylor regulation on the crypto space is a necessary need and it will only give positive results. 

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, talked about the regulatory need on the crypto market. And it was necessary also by Michael Saylor to talk about this matter because in the present time almost all popular crypto firms are getting scrutiny issues by the regulators globally. And in most of the cases there is lack of clarity of the crypto laws made by the lawmakers.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Michael said that crypto regulation will provide many advantageous factors. The first benefit will be the clarity of the rules, so crypto Companies will follow rules perfectly. In that situation we will be able to see better stability in the price of the crypto assets and also better popularity of the space. All these will lead into collaboration of the financial institutions with the Cryptocurrency. 

“There is a need for clarity. Crypto regulations and clarity in the industry would reduce the volatility in the bitcoin space and increase public confidence in bitcoin.”

Michael Saylor is a big supporter of Bitcoin. And he also said that there can be other better potentially good crypto assets like Ethereum, Solana etc and these can give huge profit but there exists huge risks with it. 

Michael also reminded them that their company only invests in bitcoin. Their Company is a business intelligence firm. And also said that right now they are holding currently total 114,000 Bitcoins. 

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