Milkomeda will connect Cardano to other blockchains


The first ever Cardano sidechain protocol will run on wrapped ADA and it is deployed by the dcSpark.

In the present time numbers of developers are coming into the crypto market and they are helping to bring revolution in the blockchain industry by creating new networks with better ability. So in this situation a condition arises where which coin should be used for global adoption. Few people will choose ADA & few will choose another network that they love for example TRC-20 network, Bitcoin network, Solana network. So to solve this problem dcSpark will work on sidechain development on ADA networks. Through this development work, the developers team gets into better integration to bring the revolution together.

According to reports, the DLT company dcSpark will work on the Cardano network to build a sidechain protocol. This sidechain protocol on ADA will make Cardano compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). 

The developers will launch the Milkomeda protocol on Cardano chain first and then they will work further development to implement on the non-EVM existing chains. 

Milkomeda will work as a platform bridge to connect the main Cardano chain. And the wrapped ADA tokens will be use in the fees needed in the transaction. 

So the intention of Milkomeda is to bring all the latest blockchains like Polkadot, Solana, Cardano, closer so that they can build a strong Community of developers. So they will be able to bring general adoption of the blockchain development products. 

At present, dcSpark will create wrapped smart contracts for Milkomeda and then the development work on the sidechain protocol will take place in future. 

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