Mozilla foundation decided to stop accepting crypto donation

Mozilla decided to pause its initiative of accepting donations through crypto payments methods. 

As we know that Mozilla is an internet browser company. Besides the internet browser open-source services, this company also has hands in multiple developments works to make its ecosystem much better for the users, so that they can provide their internet browser services much more perfectly. 

On 31 December, Mozilla announced that it will accept donations in cryptocurrencies through the Bitpay payment services. 

After this decision of Mozilla, many people started to criticize the Mozilla company and said that there is no need to go with crypto-based donation options. 

Now on 6 January Mozilla company responded to the negative responses by their users because of donations in crypto. 

Through the tweet, Mozilla said that we are now looking at the negative side of why people are supporting Mozilla to accept crypto. Mozilla noted that environmental issues are a big factor for them to remain away from crypto adoption. 

Further Mozilla noted the significance of the blockchain industry in the web3 innovation in the internet world and stated that “Decentralized web technology continues to be an important area for us to explore, but a lot has changed since we started accepting crypto donations”

And finally, Mozilla confirmed that they will see all the possible things if they can accept donations in crypto by remaining under the environmental issues. However, it was a direct reply of Mozilla that it will no more accept donations in crypto.

Earlier this, Discord social media platform also faced a similar kind of backslash, on its crypto wallet integration, from the Discord community. Later the Discord team decided to halt crypto-related integration and development works in the Discord platform. 

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