Mustafa Goklu will face 25 years behind bars for Bitcoin buy with cash & further resell


The US enforcement agencies catched a bad actor who was buying Bitcoin with cash funds and further exchanging into new Bitcoin to handover the Bitcoin money-back to the sellers, so basically he was giving a chance to other bad actors to launder money.

In the present time, Bitcoin age is more than 13 years and now in this situation bitcoin is at that level where it is under the full record of almost every secret government agency of the world. On one side Bitcoin helps to get decentralized banking services but on the other side it remains against the privacy of funds transactions. No doubt that Bitcoin money transactions are more transparent & traceable over fiat but still some bad actors use Bitcoin for their illegal activities. 

Recently U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) reported that they catched a guy who was basically helping to launder money via the use of Bitcoin transactions. 

DOJ said that Mustafa Goklu published an ad offer in 2018 to buy Bitcoin with cash funds & further sell it online to get money back. Suddenly the undercover federal agents managed a bitcoin deal for this person, so that he could buy & sell for cash to handover funds to the ad offer acceptor, who were basically secret agents.

In this way, undercover agents were able to catch this guy, who was helping people to launder money through Bitcoin easily. However this person was not involved in any kind of direct scam but still he was acting as a middleman for bad actors to move huge amounts of funds.

In the past, this arrested guy helped many bad actors like oxycodone, Adderall, and marijuana & narcotics exchangers via his Bitcoin buy & sell service. 

However, secret government agents indicated many times to this guy that the Bitcoin funds, that he was buying & selling, were actually related to illegal goods deals but still this guy was involved deeply in this whole illegal activities. 

After a total of 7 successful Bitcoin buy & sell transactions, this guy was successfully arrested by the agents in 2019. Now this guy will live life behind bars for 25 years. 

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