We need crypto supportive regulatory regime, Says Cardano founder


The founder of Cardano blockchain said that we need that type of regulatory regime, which should adopt crypto technology in real life as a need. 

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain. Cardano blockchain is a popular Proof-of-stake consensus-based scalable blockchain network, which is known to provide high-speed fund transactions at low cost fees.IOHK is a developer team behind the Cardano project, which is working under the leadership of Hoskinson. At present, Hoskinson is also CEO of IOHK and he is guiding the development works in the Cardano Blockchain ecosystem. In September of this year, IOHk introduced Vasil Hardfork in the Cardano mainnet blockchain to bring huge numbers of features in its ecosystem.

In the latest AMA video session on his personal YouTube channel “Charles Hoskinson”, Hoskinson shared his thought on the need for a proper regulatory approach, which ensures the future of crypto as a need, so that people can feel liberty with the use of Cardano or other cryptocurrencies. 

“There needs to be a regulatory regime that acknowledges the existence of cryptocurrencies, views them as positive things, and appreciates the liberty that they provide people.”

Further, Cardano’s founder said that it is a perfect time to work & bring all separate development works together to make a better system where we can live with this technology. 

Furthermore, Hoskinson said that they aimed to bring decentralized banking services for people via the use of Cardano, where people can control their funds & identity themselves via seld governance systems. 

According to Hoskinson, the government of the United States is surely working to bring a crypto regulation framework to this space, and probably it will be a better approach to regulate the crypto space, which may come in next year. 

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