Netflix to release documentary of CEO of crypto exchange

Netflix seems much eager to release a documentary on the life of a CEO of Canadian crypto exchange. 

Cinema industry is day by day taking interest in the crypto industry in search of stories. Recently we covered a news story where a web’s series makers revealed that they will make a story on a girl who was searching for her friend with the help of a crypto coin launch. And earlier that, we once covered a documentary on Vitalik. Now in the latest Netflix is ready to dive into crypto with a measurable & mysterious story.

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On 23 September, Netflix tweeted about their upcoming year’s upcoming documentary film, with the title “Trust no One: The Hunt for the Crypto King.”

They explained that the story will revolve around  a group of QuadrigaCX investors, which will investigate the death of Gerald Cotten and will uncover a story of 250 million Canadian dollars, which was allegedly stolen by Cotten. 

Gerald Cotten was founder & CEO of Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX. In 2018, he died in a mysterious way, which is still an uncovered story of how all that happened. And also there was an allegation on the Exchange founder that he stole 250 million CAD from their exchange’s clients. But all the story about that is still unclear about how he died and where all that money is.  

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