New Telegram update allows the full functioning of inbuilt crypto wallet


Now the crypto wallet in the Telegram ecosystem is fully functional instead of remaining limited to Ton coin. 

Telegram is a popular social media chat platform, with more than 500 million global active users. The features & bot services of this platform make it very easy for users to manage groups, channels & chats. Due to bot & highly encrypted messaging features, the crypto community loves Telegram as the best chat platform over other options like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, etc. 

Recently a new update was released by the Telegram devs and now the users of telegram can buy & sell cryptocurrencies easily via the Telegram app without going via a third-party platform directly. Everything happens via a trading bot service, which was developed by the TON.

The developers of The Open Network (formerly Telegram Open Network or say TON) first started their work on this service in April of this year to make it fully available. At that time, only Ton coin buy-sell service was available but now it allows full functioning. 

A spokesman from Telegram said that an independent team from the TON worked on the bot to simplify the crypto transactions in the bot system and it is a good thing for the ecosystem of Telegram’s crypto services. 

Telegram official said:

“TON is intended for millions of users, and one of our goals is to make the use of blockchain no more complicated than using applications that users are used to.”

Here the new update also allows the users to buy crypto assets directly with Credit/Debit card payments, which means fiat currency support also has been added as an option within the app. 

In the present time, Telegram users can only buy Ton coin via fiat payments but in the future, the team will increase the extended use of fiat payment in the ecosystem. To this date, United States dollars, euros, Ukrainian hryvnia, Belarusian rubles, and Kazakhstani tenge are supported in fiat payment. 

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