New York based organization partners with NFTs platform to help Afghanistan’s Women

One of the organisations established a partnership with a NFTs based platform to support the education for the women of Afghanistan.

The whole world Knows about the situation of Afghanistan and how the Taliban attacked and established their own government. Taliban follows those traditional laws, which don’t allow womens for education and study. But this new initiative by will try to change the situation.

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As per announcement made by the, the firm will release its own NFTs artwork on 5 October, with the proceeds given to Women for Afghan Women.

The organisation which established a partnership with, will provide facilities for the education for Afghanistan women in Afghanistan & the United States. 

The released artwork will include the inspired quality of the American author Louisa May Alcott. In NFTs projects the team will include half a woman’s face covered by a single butterfly wing with the quote “nothing is impossible to a determined woman. team said that all the funds that will be received by the team after NFTs sale, will be used in the education of Afghanistan women only. 

Earlier this, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano project, said that crypto may help the Afghan citizens to save their money. Probably the statement of Charles Hoskinson is going to be true at some extent. 

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