New York Yankees will salary in Bitcoin with help of NYDIG

On the 14th of July, 2022, Bitcoin company NYDIG, a subsidiary of Stone Ridge, reportedly announced that they have entered a partnership with one of the Major League Baseball (MLB) teams in New York Yankees. Thus now NYDIG will be the baseball team’s “official Bitcoin-based payment platform,” and thus they will have access to the company’s Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP) product.

The BSP scheme will reportedly allow the Yankees team members to convert a fraction of their paychecks to Bitcoin(BTC), all the benefits will be available to the Employees via the NYDIG platform and they will be no transaction costs or any sort of storage fees for the assets that have a connection with the BSP.

Many more companies out there ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 500 are already using and benefiting from NYDIG’s BSP services as per NYDIG.

Yankees president of human resources, employment, and labor law, Arya Sobo, says that “the Yankees team is always looking for ways to improve and expand their employee experience as they move forward.” Thus this change was introduced when the young employees in the team choose to get a portion of their paychecks in Bitcoin, and according to NYDIG research, that showed that about 36% of their employees that are under 30 are looking forward to BSP types of payments plans. NYDIG made it easy for us to approach cryptocurrencies and add Bitcoin to our list of employee benefits, said Sobo.

While this is not the first time NYDIG is dealing with a sports franchise, back in November 2021 NYDIG partnered with Houston Rockets a National Basketball Association(NBA) team before they also announced a collaboration with MVB bank with an intent to bring Bitcoin-based solutions to other parties.

The chief marketing officer of NYDIG, Kelly Brewster on Thursday said that the company is looking forward to collaborating with the American Baseball Team.

Previously, NYDIG made contacts with Deloitte, an accounting firm to discuss a strategic alliance, which will be aiming at providing bitcoin-based financial services to all sizes of companies. While banking, consumer loyalties, and providing employee benefits are the major target sectors.

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