NFTs into Gnosis Safe is causing problems with Apple store

Apple blocked Gnosis Safe wallet for NFTs feature option in the wallet. 

The head of product development at Gnosis Safe, Lukas Schor, explained that Apple doesn’t want NFTs featured in the wallet.

Lukas said that Apple blocked their wallet and the reason behind the block of the Gnosis Safe is NFTs integration. Apple claimed that, wallet is not only giving its service to give custody of the funds but it is giving additional digital assets, NFTs.

Lukas also shared the message that Apple said about their Gnosis Safe wallet. Apple asked whether the new update of Gnosis Safe wallet will give NFTs based features. Lukas claimed that NFTs feature was already integrated on the app and now the next update connects the hard wallet to the Gnosis Safe. As here the answer to Apple’s question was in Yes. 

“We noticed that your app includes or accesses paid digital content, services, or functionality by means other than in-app purchases, which is not appropriate for the App Store.” 

Apple Store responded to the concern matter and then suggested remove the NFTs feature for the Gnosis Safe wallet. 

“Apple does not allow apps, especially wallets, to display NFTs if they are not bought via in-app purchases,” 

So here the matter is, people can buy NFTs through the Gnosis Safe wallet from the Apple phone, not from any other place. It is basically a third party service, which will be managed by the Gnosis Safe wallet. 

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