Nigerian Crypto Stakeholders Demand Binance “Expose Bribery Official’s Identity”


The majority of the crypto advocates are forcing the Binance firm to expose the names of all the Nigerian government officials who attempted to bribe for concessions in the case.

Binance is a top-ranked crypto exchange and problems for this exchange are also at the top level. At present, Binance facing legal hurdles in America as well as in Nigeria. In Feb of this year, two Binance executives were arrested in Nigeria but later one of the executives somehow managed to get out of custody.
At present, the Binance team is engaged with the Nigerian authorities to solve the whole matter & release the Binance executive at any cost.

Just a couple of days ago, Binance CEO Richard Teng said that Nigerian authorities detained Binance executives unlawfully and also claimed that some unknown Nigerian officials pressured Binance reps to settle the case secretly with cryptocurrency payment in early 2024 meetings.

By addressing this situation with Binance, Nigerian crypto stakeholders asked Binance to disclose the names of those Nigerian authorities publicly to prove the allegations and expose those corrupt government officers who want bribes to dismiss the charges blindly just for money.

However, the majority of the crypto advocates want Binance to expose those corrupt officers but some crypto enthusiasts believe that exposing any Nigerian government official may badly impact the future of the crypto sector in the country.

According to Rume Ophi, the executive secretary of the Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN), said that the Nigerian securities regulatory body seems ready to bring a set of rules & laws to adopt this industry but if Binance tarnishes the government’s image, then it will adversely affect Nigeria’s crypto sector.

Furthermore, Rume stressed that Binance should disclose details and name people involved in the bribery claim. This will prove the accusation and help authorities take action, safeguarding Nigeria’s reputation for global exchanges interested in doing business there.

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