No outages news of Crypto companies & lending platform fading Crypto winter, says FTXUS President


The president of FTX.US crypto exchange hinted that the crypto winter situation may be going toward the end because of two important things. 

FTX is a popular crypto exchange and FTX.US is a subsidiary of FTX exchange, which operates its services independently in the United States. Exchange is known for its highly secured services & promotional strategies. FTX exchange has its hand in almost every sector of the crypto industry as a leader to bring crypto & blockchain technology as a leading choice for innovations in the tech industry.

This week, Brett Harrison, the president of FTX.US crypto exchange, appeared in an interview with Bloomberg Technology. In the interview, he was questioned about his opinion on the partnership of Coinbase exchange & top fund manager BlackRock. 

Brett said that he thinks that crypto winter is going away, thanks to no negative news like the outage of the crypto lending platform or any suspension or blockage of fund withdrawal services from any crypto exchange. 

FTX.US president also pointed toward the better strategy of Voyager Digital, which started to return the funds to the customers.

“Voyager is returning funds, large undeployed venture capital is starting to be deployed again.”

Further FTX.US president said that news of Coinbase’s collaboration with BlackRock is a hint that crypto demand is going to increase among the Institutions. Probably they will demand their crypto trade facilities.

“huge players in the market have not slowed down. As the saying goes, this is the time to build. People are building now,” Brett said.

FTX.US president also talked about the laying off of large percentages of the workforce by the many crypto companies like Coinbase, and Robinhood like giant crypto platforms. He said that companies should learn a lesson from this situation that headcount growth is a sign of company growth, realizing that sometimes headcount growth may jump as a retardation in the path of growth.

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