Now Bitcoin Miners In Iran Have To Pay Real Electricity Prices

Now Bitcoin miners in Iran have to pay real electricity prices as per the deputy energy minister of Iran said, reported on 9 June 2019.

Iran’s deputy energy minister Homayoun Haeri said the same rates for the electricity bills should be applied for the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies mining activities.

According to the report of Financial Tribune, the gap between real electricity costs and consumer’s bills reportedly balanced by paying the subsidies of around $1 billion annually by the government.

As per the Last year report, People of Iran got a lot of profit from cryptocurrency mining activities even after the big crash happened in the cryptocurrency markets and instability in the national rial currency that caused by reinforced United States sanctions.

At the same time, the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme Cyberspace Council said that the platform to regulate the cryptocurrency mining was developing by the Iranian National Cyberspace Center.

Previously, The most popular peer to peer (p2p) cryptocurrency exchange LocalBitcoins banned the traders living in Iran country from using their trading services.

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