Now PolyDoge token can be used on Amazon, eBay & Walmart


The native token of PolyDoge blockchain is supported at the crypto e-commerce platform.

PolyDoge is a meme coin, which doesn’t have any kind of initial concept use case in real life or the internet world. This coin was initially launched in April 2021 on the Polygon network, an Ethereum layer2 scaling solution provider blockchain network. 

The official Twitter account of PolyDoge token informed the PolyDoge token investors that PolyDoge secured a success to get full support on crypto inclined e-commerce platform Through the tweet, the PolyDoge team confirmed that the PolyDoge meme coin can be used on popular e-commerce platforms Amazon, eBay and Walmart via 

“We just became the first @0xPolygon token to be used for purchase utility on @amazon @Walmart @eBay and more through our amazing partner @shopping_io.” Polydoge team said

With this success, PolyDoge became the first ever meme coin, which is useful to buy online products on popular e-commerce platforms. 

Indeed, PolyDoge’s blockchain is a dApp created on the Polygon blockchain. So PolyDoge has full authority to access various DeFi protocols on Polygon and also a wide range of entertaining interactions through NFTs. It can be used by POLYDOGE traders for trading or to access other DeFi protocols on the Polygon blockchain. 

It is worth noting that Amazon is working on blockchain & crypto-related research work via a blockchain team but officially Amazon doesn’t have any kind of plan to accept cryptocurrencies in near future. But with the availability of gift card systems via third-party platforms, it is no longer tough to go with crypto to use in online shopping.

Last year, speculation started in the crypto industry that Amazon may accept cryptocurrencies on its e-commerce platform. All the rumours came to light because of the experienced hiring of crypto & blockchain talents by Amazon for its blockchain team.

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