Rumours of Amazon to accept crypto payments are false

A report claimed that Amazon is not going to accept crypto payments. While they will explore crypto & also Amazon has many plans in the Blockchain world. 

Recently a rumor spread that Amazon is going to accept crypto payments at the end of 2021. The rumour was usual because Amazon is recruiting highly experienced blockchain developers & experts. 

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Because of the news of “Amazon recruitment of Blockchain developers” , many news websites assumed that Amazon is going to accept crypto payments and also it was usual because if a company is hiring blockchain Developers then surely they will not spend their money for nothing. This is 100% sure that they will accept crypto payments or they may develop their own currency to accept payments.

City AM, a free London newspaper, shared this news on twitter that “Amazon denied the reports to accept crypto payments”. But they are still hiring blockchain developers and also they will keep exploring Cryptocurrency & based Blockchain technology. 

Well in Earlier report we clearly said that Amazon is only planning to work on blockchain based technology work. And these are only indications that they will accept crypto payments. But here in this situation we can’t deny that Amazon has no plan of crypto adoption because if they are hiring blockchain developer then they are not going to build Central Bank Digital Currency, obviously they are going to develop their own blockchain platform that can provide a better ecosystem for crypto Payments.

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