OpenAI kicked out the World Coin founder from the CEO role 


The OpenAI firm confirmed that Sam Altman is no longer the CEO of the OpenAI firm and also announced the new CEO name for the company.

OpenAI is a popular Artificial intelligence (AI) focussed tool developer firm. Earlier today, Sam Altman was CEO of this firm. It is believed he was a very big talent for that AI tech firm. Altman is also the founder of the popular AI technology crypto project World Coin (WLD). 

On 17 Nov 2023, the OpenAI firm announced that the board of members had no more confidence in the leadership of Altman.

As per the announcement, the board reviewed his actions and found that he wasn’t always open and honest when talking to them. 

Now Mira Murati is the new CEO of the company, who is a mechanical engineer by training known for building a hybrid race car as an undergraduate student at Dartmouth College. 

On 18 Nov, Altman said that it was a great time for him to work with OpenAI talent. On this latest development in the company, he said that it will be transformative for him and he will have more to say but will talk about those things later.

Following this news, Greg Brockman, co-founder & president of OpenAI, decided to quit the company. 

However, it is unclear to find out the main reason why the company kicked out Altman from the company role but some people claim that Altman is facing legal hurdles because of his controversial crypto project World Coin (WLD).

Now there is a huge chance that altman will focus on his World Coin project with more capacity. In short, it is positive news for the world coin crypto project.

At this moment, world coin Investors are not feeling well about their investment in this coin. The trade price of world coins crashed 8.5%.

OpenAI kicked out the World Coin founder from the CEO role  1

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