OpenSea now allows Solana NFTs to trade: Network load surging


Solana blockchain-backed NFTs trade is now available on the NFTs trade platform OpenSea.

OpenSea is the biggest Ethereum NFTs marketplace in the crypto Industry and this platform is standing at the top rank. The team behind the OpenSea platform is working to expand its operations with the introduction of new features. Last week, OpenSea announced it would integrate the Solana blockchain NFTs trade. 

On 7 April, OpenSea announced that the platform officially launched the Solana NFTs trade support.

Here we should keep in our mind that support for Solana NFTs trade is still in the initial Beta phase. And also only 165 collections of NFTs are available, which includes a total of 865,000 NFTs collectibles in OpenSea ecosystem.

First-time rumors on OpenSea’ Solana blockchain NFTs support integration entered the crypto market at the beginning of this year and now finally it changed into reality. 

Now all the users of OpenSea will be able to opt for the Solana blockchain and Ethereum blockchain together for NFTs trade. Interestingly here Solana will get better use support because Solana is highly efficient over Ethereum in terms of NFTs mint fees and also trade fees. 

Solana network under high load 

In the past 6 months, Solana Network faced outages more than 3 times, which degraded the popularity of the Solana Network in the crypto industry.  

Now here on one side, Solana will collect more numbers of users and on another side, the network will face a high transaction load, which may result in network downtime or maybe some situations where people will not be able to use the network for a while.

However, it will be too early to comment on such possible issues because, in recent months, the developer’s team behind the solana project released an update against a bug, which caused an outage in the network by around 72 hours. 

Today Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakavenko noted that the network is under load but performing perfectly and also they will aim to fix any possible issues.

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