OpenSea to introduce card payment support for NFTs trade

The biggest NFTs marketplace Introduced a non-crypto feature to make the NFTs trade more easy for non-crypto users. 

OpenSea is the largest NFTs trading platform and also this platform is known to work on small things, which are necessary to push the NFTs trade ecosystem better.  For example integration of scaling and efficient networks and the introduction of new rules & systems to keep spammers away from the platform. 

The rollout of Credit Card payment support at OpenSea has been started and now users of OpenSea will be able to buy NFTs with direct Credit Card payment. 

These cards will involve Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Play support.

This feature came into effect because of the inbuilt support of Moonpay. So the inbuilt support will not only allow the users to buy, mint, or do secondary trade with direct card payment but also it will eliminate the role of the main token on the platform, which remains necessary to buy or trade NFTs. 

Moonpay noted that this support will remain fully simple, which means users will remain able to do all the NFTs related works, as they were doing already, and also NFTs will remain on hold in the OpneSea wallet. 

OpenSea may face compition from Coinbase NFTs

In the crypto industry, almost every crypto legend company is trying to dive toe.  US-based global crypto exchange Coinbase is in the final phase of its NFTs platform. 

In the very starting, Coinbase introduced a concept in advance for its NFTs platform and noted that it will support direct NFTs buy support with the help of card payments, where users will not require to go through crypto-assets use. 

Now, this step by OpenSea to allow users to buy NFTs with direct card payments is hinting that OpenSea saw some kind of competition from Coinbase.

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