Panama may be the next to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender

Reports suggest that there are huge chances that Panama will follow the footsteps of El Salvador. Still officials didn’t reveal their plans.

After the decision of El Salvador’s president to adopt Bitcoin as a currency, many countries’ presidents entered the red eye laser community to show their support for Bitcoin & El Salvador. At that time Paraguay, El Zonte & few other countries indicated that they will also introduce laws like EL Salvador’s Bitcoin law ( not legal tender). But due to criticism that the El Salvador government faced due to their historic decision, many countries dragged their steps back.

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In the latest, Panama shows huge inclination towards bitcoin & few crypto to adopt and some brave leaders are willing to bring Bitcoin law to follow the footsteps of El Salvador. 

An independent deputy in Congress, Gabriel Silva, said that they will introduce their own Bitcoin law. Right now they will wait for El Salvador to introduce their Bitcoin law to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender, after that they will also.

In the mid of May-June, Mr.Silva created a public group on telegram and allowed all the citizens of Panama to share their opinions and suggestions on the Bitcoin bill but later that group got split into two parts where at one side there were those people who were supporting Bitcoin & at another side altcoin-supporters. 

As per report, The new bill of Panama will not only bring adoption of Bitcoin but also will allow few altcoins to be used at a better level. But still it is not clear whether the crypto bill introduced by Panama will make Bitcoin or any crypto as legal tender or will only give the option to use Crypto in payments through any kind of services. 

A Panamanian, Margaret Mead, stated on this matter who is interview on BitcoinMagazine

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” –

Joseph Isaza (J.I.), who is only 23 years old and designed a bill for Bitcoin law. That bill is under review of the authorities of Panama. 

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