Panda Banda- The Next CNFT Project To Moon?

Panda Banda is launching their limited 5,555 Cardano NFT collection at the end of November, in which part of the funds will go to a community-voted charity that supports endangered pandas and promises multiple airdrops and value to the holders.

The team is excited to announce that they will be launching its first of three collection of 5,555 Cardano NFTs in November. The launch is set at 7:00PM UTC on the 30th of November, and you can follow their website to find out up-to-date information firsthand.

What is very interesting about this project is that they are not only aiming to sell out their NFTs but also support real life pandas from going extinct. Therefore, by being a part of this community you more than an NFT holder – you are a part of a bigger cause.

All 5,555 Cardano NFTs are unique with different type of attributes such as hair, eyes, mouths, hats, clothes and backgrounds. The team has released several samples that include cigars, hamburger, crowns, tracksuit, bubble gum, cardano coin, chains, and more. Making sure that they appeal to a larger audience.

Panda Banda- The Next CNFT Project To Moon? 1

The team has also published the first trailer for the Panda Banda Series 1 has been released on the official youtube channel. The Series will feature the panda main character named Po, one of last remaining pandas on earth, fighting to save his species. You can see the full trailer here:

To get some sneak peaks on the soon-to-debut CNFT project and learn more about their upcoming launch at the end of November, make sure to follow them on twitter and keep up on their discord.

Once minted, the Cardano NFTs will only be accessible through secondary markets such as, artifacts and However, the holders of Panda Banda CNFTs will be given voting rights for future decisions and are guaranteed multiple free airdropped ‘Pandas’.

500 Christmas Airdrops will be distributed to top Panda holders. Once the Female Pandas have been released, another 500 Pandas will be airdropped exclusively to Male & Female Panda holders.

Contact Info:

Name: Miranda Estrella
Email: Send Email
Organization: Panda Banda