Vegas-based luxury auto dealer offers Lambo with Shiba inu

A Vegas-based luxury auto dealer company announced the support for the Shiba inu token to deal with Shiba inu tokens. 

In the present time trend of the Shiba inu themed token is now getting down but still, the adoption of the Shiba inu token is not getting down. Day by day new services are adding Shiba inu to their payment options. In the latest, Shiba made its space in a very high level of luxury services. 

Vegas Auto Gallery, a Las Vegas-based luxury auto dealer company, announced on Saturday that the company is adding crypto payments options in their services including Shiba inu coin payments. 

Vegas Auto Gallery was launched by Nick Dossa and Ed Ghaben traders in 2018. Under the dealership, the company allows the buy of many luxurious cars like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley. And the option of crypto payments is getting better attention from the Crypto community and non-crypto community because of the uniqueness in payment systems. 

Earlier this firm admitted that adding crypto is part of the increased revenue. Because in December the company found that the Bitcoin payment option caused a surge in sales by around 5%. 

Vegas Auto Gallery is using the payment network Bitpay, which will convert the crypto payments directly into US dollars within a matter of seconds. The help of Bitpay by the Auto Gallery is kind of need because they don’t want to face any kind of volatility with the payments. 

Bitpay support for Shiba inu 

Recently, Bitpay payment gateway company added Shiba inu to their payment options and that was all at the demand of the AMC entertainment network firm. 

Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment, said that AMC will be the first to accept Shiba inu coins through the Bitpay payment gateway. 

Probably Vegas Auto Gallery took advantage of the Shiba inu support in the Bitpay. However, it will be interesting to see if an Auto dealer firm will generate more revenue over last year because of the popularity of the Shiba inu meme coin.

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