Paris based restaurant accepts Shiba inu payment

Le Bistrot d’Eléonore et Maxence added Shiba inu coin in their payment adoption amid increasing community support for Shiba inu coin. 

Last week the crypto space was full of the Shiha inu coin trend and also this week has better influence because of the surge in Shiba coin price. However there are a huge number of crypto players, who don’t like Shiba because of no use case but there are numbers of crypto influencers and retail crypto traders, which are supporting Shiba inu is the best rival of DogeCoin. 

In the latest, Paris based restaurant, Le Bistrot d’Eléonore et Maxence, added Shiba inu coin in their payment option to enable their crypto lover customers to pay in Shiba inu coin directly. 

Nathan Davy, crypto trader & influencer, shared this information about the adoption of Shiba by the restaurant. Davy is a local resident of Paris (France) and he saw that restaurant accepting Shiba inu crypto assets alongside the traditional payment option. 

In a conversation with Cointelegraph, Davy said that he confirmed the Shiba inu payment option officially with a staff member of the restaurant. And after that, he captured the video 

“Precisely at that moment, a group of four men paid their lunch bill using Shiba Inu. It was magic!”

Davy also said that later he visited the restaurant with his few friends and paid around  EUR 250 in Shiba inu coin. 

After the post of the video by Davy, the restaurant getting better attention and huge traffic. The restaurant officially talked about it and wrote 

“The restaurant has now become the best in the area. Locals are expecting a wave of restaurants to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method.”

Davy also said that Shiba inu is the best crypto asset in his life as a crypto investor. And further added 

“I love cryptocurrency, especially SHIB. Crypto has the power to change everything.”

Probably Davy made a huge profit with the help of Shiba Inu coin investment, that is why he is appreciating the Shiba Inu coin as the best crypto while other high-level crypto traders are only trolling it. 

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