PayPal seems bullish to provide all possible crypto services


PayPal Vice President Richard Nash said PayPal was continuing to do its part to bring all possible blockchains and cryptocurrency integrations to its platform.

According to a senior executive at the company, global payment giant PayPal is doing its part to bring all possible blockchain and cryptocurrency integrations into its services to further serve its customer base.

In a special statement at the World Economic Forum on May 23, Vice President Richard Nash said that PayPal was working to support and list all of the possible digital services, which will also include digital currencies and the Central Bank’s digital currencies (CBDC).

PayPal has always been expanding its offerings on digital currency, while initially launching the Bitcoin (BTC) buying, holding, and selling service across the United States back in 2020.

Nash further said: “The crypto shield is moving slowly with the purchase or holding of some jurisdiction. In the future, PayPal is looking forward to working with others to include as much as we can in digital wallets, personal digital currencies, or CBDCs.

Nash pointed out that he was a cryptocurrency holder, which exactly matched his position in PayPal. When asked if he had any crypto on his own, the vice president replied, “I have a lot of new developments that are undergoing in PayPal and I find it natural as I want to experience all these services personally.

As previously reported, Dan Schulman CEO of PayPal revealed that since November 2019  Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that he holds on to.

Paypal has now been one of the world’s largest payment companies that have switched and moved to the crypto and blockchain recently.

In addition to introducing options to buy and sell BTC in some countries, even PayPal announced its own crypto check-out service back in March 2021 thus facilitating merchants to accept crypto payments. The company is also considering issuing their own stable coin called PayPal Coin .

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