Paysafe Announces To Add New 20 Crypto In Skrill Payment Wallet

Skrill non-U.S users will be able to access 35 crypto assets in their Digital wallet. Since adding multiple crypto coins has been started by the company in this year by March.

Paysafe is a parent company of Skrill digital wallet. Skrill is a Digital wallet that enables users to transfer & convert fiat/crypto in the wallet instantly. 

Paysafe announced this week, they will add 20 more Cryptocurrencies in their Skrill Digital wallet. And now from the beginning of this week, Skrill users will be able to use total 35 crypto assets easily.

They added mostly Defi based coins which are Aave, Balancer, Curve, Compound, Synthetix, Uniswap and Sushiswap. Polygon and Dogecoin (DOGE). While DogeCoin is not a Defi based coin, don’t get confused with it because they added this coin because of the interest of people.

According to the company, their services are available in 48 states & territories of the U.S. 

Rupinder Singh, a senior vice president with Paysafe, said that they saw their users are no more interested in using their digital wallet and people are moving toward Crypto more early then such kind of services which were necessary in past years. So they decided to expand their services in crypto. 

Company also says Neteller users (which is another payment service similar to the Skrill) in the paysafe boundary will also be able to expand their wallet for crypto assets. 

Here one thing we can see, Paysafe added DogeCoin that totally belongs to a different category of added other coins. DogeCoin is in huge trade because of Elon Musk tweet about DogeCoin.  Many survey reports say people know about DogeCoin & Bitcoin but they don’t know about Ethereum and other flashing coins. Probably this company is targeting People’s interest to expand their services.

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