Cradano Is Much Closer To Bring Contract System Because Of AlonzoWhite

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) announced the successful fork of Alonzo TestNet to the new AlonzoWhite node and also they confirmed that the new network is continuously making blocks.

Alonzo is a much awaited fork on Cardano Network that will bring smart contracts on Cardano chain and through which lots of functions & features will be deployed on the network that will make any project to make their smart contract more better than any network.

On 15 July, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) informed all the users through a tweet, about their success of Alonzowhite node successful deployment on Testnet.

So According to the team, the new Alonzo code ( AlonzoWhite) is 100% working on Cardano Testnet network & now they are ready for the next fork that is AlonzoPurple.

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Teams also said that they did lots of struggle to bring a new network through a fork with AlonzoWhite node. And nas they got success, surely they are much closer to bring their smart contract feature on Cardano chain. 

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After this success, the team will continuously keep eye on the block for next 24 hours so that they can catch necessary updates needed for this new upgrade. 

After this fork now next will be AlonzoPurple and then finally they will deploy the Alonzo nodes on mainnet. And it is expected to happen by September 2021. Let’s see how much time it will take because it is development work not paperwork. If Ethereum’s developer team can postpone their EIP 1559 upgrade date then absolutely there are lots of chances that we can see delays in the Cardano project. 

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