Polkadot will sell Metaverse virtual land via Polkastater

Next week, the Polkadot project will integrate the crypto and Metaverse through Virtual land sales. 

Polkadot is a popular crypto project of the crypto industry and is popularly known for its ability to give a better ecosystem to the crypto inclined blockchain projects. Currently native token of the Polkadot project, Dot, is at 8th rank as per coinmarketcap website records. 

Recently, the Polkadot team announced the plan and launch of the offering of real estate land sales. 

However no exact date was declared by the Polkadot team regarding the virtual land sale but as per the announcement, there are expectations that they may start in the first week of December. 

As per the announcement, the sales of the virtual land will be in a very simple way. Just like token buy-sell, people will be able to buy and sell by getting whitelisted and participating. 

“In virtual worlds such as ChainGuardians, Highstreet, Wilder World or Realm, people can walk around, meet friends, visit buildings, and even attend events”

The announcement also claimed that the price of the land will depend upon the location in the virtual world just like the real world. So if someone will get these lands early, then that person will have an opportunity to make gains. 

“And just like the real world, land plays an extremely important role in the metaverse. The better the location, the more expensive it is, so getting in early in these land sales is key.”

The exact date of the start of sales will be announced by the Polkadot team on the Polkastater platform in the incoming days and also they will announce the names of all projects that will participate in the sales. 

Is Metaverse a new trend in crypto? 

The crypto space is full of opportunities for those who can understand the new trend of the crypto market. 

Earlier this, Defi and NFTs were a trend. Now NFTs next level is touching the Metaverse concept to create a virtual world. There are huge expectations that soon all Metaverse concept-based projects will gain huge attention, however, only a few projects are in this space with a lack of resources and use cases to support virtual projects in the virtual world. 

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