Each Solana transaction consumes less energy over 2 Google search

Recent research suggests that Solana transactions are much more efficient than Google searches in everyday internet life. 

Solana is a top-level crypto project of the Crypto market and this project is known for its unique type of mechanism Proof-of-history on which it is based. The Solana crypto project is fully dedicated to providing high efficiency in blockchain-based crypto transactions with high security. 

On 25 November, the Solana foundation published research on the Solana transactions energy consumption and compared it with many types of energy consumers. 

According to Solana foundation research, each transaction of the Solana network is much better than each “two Google search”. That means, one transaction in the Solana network consumes less energy over the other two times Google search. And also it averagely consumes 24 times less energy in comparison to charging a mobile phone. 

The exact transaction of the Solana blockchain consumes around 0.00051 kWh (1,836 Joules). On the other hand, Google search consumes 0.0003 kWh energy, as per Google search data records. 

Solana blockchain consumes a total of 3,186,000 kWh per year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption by the 986 houses in America. 

Robert Murphy- founder of Othersphere and former Energy Specialist at the World Bank- pointed out all these data records. 

In May, The Solana foundation urged Murphy to prepare a report on the environmental impact of Solana energy consumption. 

At present, the Solana network is giving its best to the crypto space with its high gain in native token price and efficiency in speed. Solana is a decentralized blockchain network but in actual it is less decentralized over Bitcoin and Ethereum because currently Solana is rely on the 1,196 validators, which are responsible for the successful validation of the 20 million transactions in a year. 

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