Possibilities of Collaboration between Cardano and Solana : Cardano Founder

In a latest session, Charles Hoskinson indicated that there are chances that collaboration between Cardano & solana projects may happen.

These days, a huge surge in the price of the Solana team can be seen. Where Sol surged by around 61 times in the last one year. And now Solana is getting huge attention from the community.


In the ask me anything session Charles Hoskinson, ceo & founder of Cardano, claimed that there are chances that the Cardano team and Solana team can establish a collaboration. And this approach of collaboration probability is not intentional by his own needs.

In the middle of the session, someone asked for the collaboration, whether it is possible, then Charles said that it is possible.

In the stream, Charles claimed that he is somewhat late to give his attention to the Solana protocol & its technology but now they are getting some study and research on the Solana. 

But through the stream, Charles Hoskinson clearly said that if collaboration will take place between these two popular projects then surely it will not happen from the point of view of popularity. Collaboration will help teams and research on the development of blockchain technology.

“If there was such a thing, it would have to break down either to an area of economic collaboration. Or an area of engineering collaboration. Or an area of scientific collaboration.”

Here it is worth to notice, once Charles Hoskinson said that all the new concepts and technology in the blockchain industry are only just experiments and we can trust blindly.

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