Pro-Bitcoin presidential candidate won the election: Argentina


Reportedly Javier Milei secured victory in Argentina’s US presidential election.

On 19 Nov 2023, Argentina’s population chose Javier Milei as the new president. 

Javier was left behind in the first round in Argentina but in the second round, he managed to win the election.

However the results are not officially declared but his rival, Economy Minister Sergio Massa, admitted in a speech that he lost the election.

According to reports, Massa failed to maintain the growth of the country for a better economy. Over the past couple of decades, Argentina faced a huge economic crisis. 

Javier Milei’s main agenda during the election campaign was to bring better monetary policies to boost the economy and that is why he grabbed huge support from the Argentine population.

The newly elected Argentine politician is also a Bitcoin supporter. In the past, he passed several Bitcoin-supportive comments. 

According to Javier, Bitcoin “represents the return of money to the private sector, which is its true owner.”

Some of the crypto-focused media reports targeted this newly elected Argentine president as a bad actor for the crypto sector because Javier had an intense history with the crypto pyramid scheme CoinX. At the time, he promoted the CoinX Crypto project as a way for the Argentine population to get out of inflation.

According to reports this newly elected Pro-Bitcoin president is more bullish on Bitcoin than El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele. 

In the middle of 2021, El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as a legal currency under the leadership of Bukele. Currently, the citizens of El Salvador use Bitcoin & US dollar as two official currencies. 

According to some reports, Argentina’s new president wants to replace the country’s sovereign fiat currency with Bitcoin directly.

So far no comments have come from Javier regarding Bitcoin-related plans amid these elections but it will be interesting to listen to the Bitcoin-supportive words that will be passed by after the official win. 

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