Ripple Hired Ex-Mastercard Executive To Expand RippleNet Adoption Globally

Ripple Team welcomed an ex executive of MasterCard, so that they can expand the use of Ripple tokens with traditional financial systems with more ease.

In a recent blog post of Ripple Blockchain, published an announcement to hire Sendi Young as a business director In Ripple team. 

Sendi Young, a Harvard Business School alumnus, former high profile executive of Mastercard who spent over fifteen years in fintech business, as per given details on twitter.

Now Sendi Young will direct the team of Ripple to expand their services in Europe with perfect financial infrastructure so that adoption of Cryptocurrencies, especially ripple token, becomes easy.

Ripple team experts say that it will be very effective for RippleNet to hire Sendi Young. 

Because Sendi Young already has more than 15 year’s Experience in financial infrastructure. 

So she will help us to guide and direct the Ripple token business at international level, especially in European Region in the early stages.

As Young Sendi has Experience of a total 5 year in fintech group and many financial sectors.

So she will help the team to sustain new partnerships with banks and financial authorities & payment services.

History records sayd, Young Sendi contributed to the real time payment system in MasterCard. So probably now they will help to build better Artificial Intelligence for the Ripple network to use with more ease and perfection.

According to working history records, Sendi worked only for fiat financial infrastructure development. But she finds that the existing traditional financial system is not able to integrate the countries at international level. So this reason forced Sendi to get into the Cryptocurrency field and analyse them to make adoption at a better level with the existing financial system.

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