Ripple (XRP) may follow a pump of 1,000%+ in 2024, Here is the reason!


XRP coin following a bullish pattern as the sentiment of the crypto bull run is increasing rapidly day by day.

Ripple is a San Francisco headquartered blockchain firm and XRP coin is its main tool for this firm to provide cross-border payment services without impacting the natural trade price of XRP coin. Ripple has been in a legal conflict with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since Dec 2021. The legal battle between Ripple & the SEC body is in the ending phase. 

In the last crypto bull run (2021), XRP coin failed to grab the rally that crypto Investors expected. Some people were expecting XRP to hit $10 but the XRP coin failed because of only the Ripple vs SEC conflict (XRP lawsuit).

The whole legal battle was about the nature of the XRP coin which was unregistered security offerings under the purview of the SEC body. 

But now as we know the court judge already ruled that XRP coin was not a security token, so crypto traders are free to invest in this cryptocurrency, as XRP is now very free from any legal conflict.

All the crypto market sentiments & factors are showing that the market is moving toward the bull phase and people are expecting that a big pump in the trade prices of the cryptocurrencies will be visible in the early phase of 2024. 

Few people are expecting that XRP will show a bigger rally over other cryptocurrencies in the incoming bull run because last time XRP missed the investment flow because of the SEC’s action. 

At the time, following the SEC’s suit, all the American crypto exchanges delisted XRP coins. In short, American investors failed to invest money in XRP coins. 

As we know that a couple of months ago XRP coin was relisted by the majority of American crypto exchanges, following the court ruling in favor of Ripple & the clear nature of XRP coin, so there are huge chances that XRP will hit $10.

The current trade price of XRP coin is $0.711 & this trade price is 24% higher than the last 7 days of trade price.

Ripple (XRP) may follow a pump of 1,000%+ in 2024, Here is the reason! 1
Source: CoinMarketCap (CMC)

Notably, here the whole XRP lawsuit is not over. However, some people claim that Ripple & SEC will settle the case with a 50-50 victory but pro-XRP crypto attorney John Deaton shared his opinion on behalf of XRP lawsuit analysis and said that it will be a 90-10 win for Ripple. 

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