Ripple’s real approach to cryptocurrency regulation

Giant payment crypto firm shared his crypto regulatory framework to regulate the crypto market perfectly over the enforcement agencies approach.

In the latest, San Francisco-based firm Ripple shared his own and well-designed crypto regulation framework to give a better suggestion to the global regulators to impose regulation on the crypto market. 

 Susan Friedman, Ripple’s head of public policy, said that Ripple’s purposed framework is a result of the discussion and research with the regulators and members of Congress. 

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple firm, said that the proposed framework is better and advantageous than the crypto framework of the enforcement agencies. 

The purposed framework of the Ripple suggested three factors to distribute the part of regulation on crypto. These three-pronged approaches are encouraging public-private collaboration, adapting regulatory frameworks that already exist, and cryptocurrency innovation sandboxes. 

Through the first approach, Policymakers and the crypto industry needed to work together during the preparation of the legislation over the crypto industry. 

The second point of the Ripple is to use the existing laws, which are already imposed by the enforcement departments. But we should upgrade and fix the flaws and limitations to make the crypto fit more in the traditional laws. According to Ripple firm, simple rules and laws on the crypto will provide the clarity innovators seek–and the market protections consumers deserve.”

Through the second approach, Ripple figured out the securities laws over the crypto needed to upgrade or make them better to give clarity. 

And the last approach of the Ripple firm is to give freedom to the crypto startups in the initial stages. According to Ripple, this will bring innovation.  

‘for a limited period without needing to comply with federal securities laws, provided certain conditions are met.”  

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