The first keyless non-custodial crypto wallet supports Shiba inu

ZenGo wallet added support for the Shiba inu token and praised the community because of better support for the Shiba inu token.

After the last phase of October, the trend of Shiba inu coin support is not getting down. Every day new supports can be seen in the crypto space for shib tokens. And this is a clear indication that how much the Shiba inu token has been supported by the retail traders. 

In the latest, ZenGo, a keyless non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, added support for the Shiba inu token. ZenGo announced their plan of the Shiba inu support on 16 November. Through the announcement, ZenGo said that now their users can trade with the Shiba inu with better security. 

The head of communications at Zeno, Ari Gore, talked about the new initiative of the ZenGo platform to support the Shiba inu token. According to Ari, the Shiba community is enthusiastic and vibrant.

“We’re excited to be one of the first crypto wallets to support SHIB, especially because of its vibrant, creative, and enthusiastic community”

Because of the involvement of the phrase, seeds, and private key system, users may face some tricky headaches to handle ZenGo. But in actuality, the use of ZenGo ensures the safety of the users. Maybe it is not a simple way to handle the crypto assets-based works but still, it is a main strategy of ZenGo to Market ZenGo in the crypto space to ensure the safety of the funds of the users. And also, as per blockchain wallets’ based rule, the private key is a guaranty of the safety and ownership of your assets and wallets. 

In April 2021, Zeno raised $20 million in a Series A funding round. SamsungNext was the most notable investor in the funding round. 

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