Samsung Working On Collaboration With Companies on Blockchain, 6G, And AI


Multi-national South-Korean Company Samsung is Working On collaboration with platform companies on 6G mobile networks, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence reported on 16 June 2019.

According to Bloomberg’s report, The vice chairman, Jay Y. Lee attended a meeting with Samsung executives in order to examine the potential collaborations with platform companies on blockchain technologies, 6G mobile networks, and artificial intelligence.

We should challenge ourselves with a resolution to make new foundations, moving beyond the scope of protecting our past achievements

– The vice chairman, Jay Y. Lee

The previous model Samsung S10 came with inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet into the mobile itself.

An anonymous source reported in April that Samsung may have ended up with the development of its Blockchain system available to both its private and public population.

Last Month report says that Samsung is planning to bring out Cryptocurrency and Blockchain related feature across its range of Galaxy devices.

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