Santiment says AXS, XMR, and four other crypto assets are looking bullish

Crypto analytic firm shared 6 crypto assets and claimed that these are ready for the rallies.

Santiment is a crypto analytic firm and this firm is known for its report on the data collection and comparison between projects to figure out the perfect crypto project to invest money. Recently, Santiment reported the most crypto Developer activity list, in which Cardano topped. 

Firm highlights that besides the Blockchain gaming crypto Axie Infinity (AXS), privacy coin Monero (XMR), there is decentralized application platform Quantum (Qrum), Web3 inclined Ankr, Solana backed liquidity provider platform Raydium (Ray), and Ripple competitor Digibyte (DGB). 

Santiment noted that XMR, AXS, QTUM, ANKR, RAY, and DGB may be the best in terms of the negative situation for crypto traders because data is showing that the majority of the bearish crypto traders are very giving less favour to lose their funds in these particular assets. 

“that are being excessively shorted by bearish traders at any given moment. Our latest insight looks at the negative funding rates of XMR, AXS, QTUM, ANKR, RAY, and DGB for potential opportunities.”

Santiment figured out that when short-seller crypto traders entered the market in bulk amounts then that resulted in more liquidation of the funds and further resulting big rallies. And this situation is same for the Monero traders. In this way, the Firm tried to say that Monero crypto traders should control their emotions and be strong in this scenario. 

Further, the firm named three Defi platform crypto assets, which are showing bullish signs in 2022. These crypto-assets are Yearn finance, Aave, and Uniswap. 

“DeFi assets are showing some nice signs of growth to kick-off 2022. FYI, UNI, and AAVE are all ticking up nicely thus far with the first Monday of the year looking bullish for several altcoins.”

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