Seascape Network Releases Its First NFT Staking Game, Staking Saloon

APRIL 24, SINGAPORE Seascape Network, a gaming platform built around DeFi and NFT economies, released the third of its first three modular DeFi games, Staking Saloon. Available on their official website, this highly-anticipated title will provide Seascape’s NFT-holders the opportunity to use their growing collections to earn Crowns, Seascape’s universal token.

Set in a Western land of outlaws and shootouts, Staking Saloon puts the player in front of the wayward county sheriff. To get the old man trigger happy, players stake Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs, to earn Crowns rewards. These rewards come with additional bonuses based on the Scapes’ various characteristics, such as quality, character, and generation. Bonuses range up to sixty percent additional rewards on top of current earnings. With nearly 300 possible bonus combinations, the odds of players taking home extra earnings are highly favorable.

Staking Saloon is the first of Seascape’s games organized around utilizing NFTs for their value as financial assets. The company believes that this financialization will turn gaming from being only intrinsically fulfilling, to being extrinsically fulfilling as well for players. Whether staked individually or in combos, Scapes will accrue Crowns value. Additionally, to further sweeten the pot, Seascape is offering a series of events to fans and supporters, to give more opportunities to earn. Follow their social media for more information.

“Staking Saloon is the final piece of our initial trio of DeFi launch games,” says Seascape CEO and Co-Founder David Johansson. “With the ability to stake hard-earned NFTs from our previous games, users will now be able to experience the full might of gamified DeFi. But now our players must ask themselves if they should stake now, or wait until later seasons? As more early-gen NFTs are burned, their earning power will only increase compared to newer NFTs.”

The best way to understand the potential NFTs have for the future of DeFi is to participate in the Seascape Network’s collection of modular games designed specifically around these themes. Gain a throng of Scapes through Seascape’s NFT Brawl and put them to true financial use in Staking Saloon. Seascape is building a series of games to offer crypto enthusiasts more and more ways to engage in DeFi. Currently available on both Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain. Don’t miss out!

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