SEC Attorneys Resign Amidst Criticism Over Cryptocurrency Case Handling 


Michael Welsh and Joseph Watkins misused their power in a Crypto case. 

As per the report, these two lawyers started a cryptocurrency platform called DEBT Box. One of them was the main lawyer in a case against him. They quit after being told by an SEC official that they would be fired if they stayed.

The lawsuit filed by the American securities regulatory body SEC against DEBT Box was tainted by misrepresentations, false statements, and a lack of evidence. 

At the time, the Federal District Court Judge Robert Shelby, who presided over the case, penalized the SEC agency for misconduct, in March. Also, the head of enforcement at the SEC has since apologized for these mistakes.

In this case, Watkins was the agency’s lead investigative attorney. Shelby faulted the arguments of Welsh in the case. 

In one instance, Welsh claimed to the judge that DEBT Box had shut down its bank accounts and moved its assets to a foreign country but later the court debate found that this wasn’t true & totally a baseless argument. 

An SEC investigator later explained that there was a misunderstanding that was the main reason behind the mistake, and Welsh said sorry to the court.

All these types of developments show that the court is always there for the crypto & non-crypto companies in the US jurisdiction over the crypto hater regulatory bodies. 

It is worth it to know that the US SEC body took several regulatory actions against bad actors & also against good actors blindly over the past few years. 

In the last couple of years, the majority of the crypto executives & entrepreneurs criticised the SEC body for harsh crypto regulatory efforts. 

In particular, the majority of the crypto executives said that the SEC body blindly takes action but does not give any kind of information on the regulatory rules that are required for any crypto business to comply with all necessary measures.

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