Shiba inu may enter in Metaverse with a gaming initiative


After a more than 40% plunge, Shiba inu is planning to go for a long-term crypto project in the crypto industry. 

At the end of October and the beginning of November, the Shiba inu coin project grabbed huge attention and gain in the crypto market. But in this current situation, Shiba inu is 40% lower than in the last month. However, there are many crypto inclined services, which are giving support to the Shiba inu token in terms of payment and trade options but the still price of Shiba inu coins is getting down day by day. 

As we know, Shiba inu is a meme coin. And meme coins are known for their popularity on social media instead of any actual use case. But now the Shiba inu project team is aiming to sustain the Shiba project in the long term like other flagship crypto-asset projects. 

A popular Shiba inu coin leader, Shytoshi Kusama, announced the new plan of the Shiba inu project. 

According to the published announcement by Shytoshi, the Developer team will do a Shiba inu token partnership with William David Volk. Volk will help to build a gaming project on the Shiba inu coin blockchain network. 

The announcement also said that the initial phase of the Shiba inu backed game project will not remain on the blockchain technology but later development team will deploy on the Shiba inu decentralized network. 

Who is William David Volk? 

Will David Volk is a popular leader in the gaming industry. And popularly he is known for his support in the gaming industry to push the development work on the gaming projects. 

Volk was involved in the wreck, the first-ever iPhone game that was launched in the past. 

In the past, Volk served his talent at the position of vice president of Technology at Activision Studios. Right now he has 36 years of experience in this gaming industry. Now there are chances that Volk will push the Shiba inu project in the current ongoing trend Metaverse. 

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