Shiba inu token roadmap released, burn baby burn


The project team behind the Shiba inu token released its official roadmap for the Shiba inu project, which includes a high amount of token burn concepts.

Dogecoin’s rival Shiba inu grabbed higher popularity this year because of the shout-out of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. However, Elon Musk doesn’t support any meme coin except Dogecoin but still his shout out for shit meme coins was totally out of understanding for this crypto industry. 

Besides the no real use case of Shiba inu, it grabbed huge popularity in the crypto space. And still, it is grabbing huge popularity because people are thinking that Shiba is a better option over other flagship crypto assets to grab huge profit. 

Bigger Entertainment is popularly known as a big supporter of the Shiba inu coin community and its huge popularity & success. Bigger Entertainment released “A Bigger Burn Roadmap for 2022” for the Shiba inu token. 

1 Billion shib holder Bigger Entertainment said that we will not talk about the past Shiba inu token burn. And announced through the tweet that they have bigger plans for the Shiba inu project for next year. And also claimed that they will burn Shiba inu per month. 

Besides the burning of the Shiba inu token, They are also planning to launch the Shiba lovers merch that is going to live from 14 January to 14 February only. Total 80% of the collection from the merch sale will be used to burn only. 

Between 7 to 13 February, they will burn a token for the soccer fans and lovers. And besides the soccer fans, they have planned a schedule to burn Shiba in favour of basketball fans between 13 April to 14 April. 

Earlier this, the company burned around a total of 239 million shib tokens. These tokens were grabbed by the company in exchange for valuable NFTs sales. 

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