SkyBridge Capital will purchase its stake back from the FTX exchange


Anthony Scaramucci said that the company is planning to purchase SkyBridge Capital’s shares back from the failed Crypto exchange FTX. 

SkyBridge Capital is a global investment firm based in New York City, United States. This company was founded in 2005 and Anthony Scaramucci is the current CEO of this company. 

On 13 Jan 2023, Anthony Scaramucci appeared in an interview with CNBC. In the interview, Anthony said that in the incoming months, SkyBridge Capital will purchase its 30% stakes from the FTX Crypto exchange. 

Anthony said:

“We’re waiting for the clearance from the bankruptcy people, the lawyers, and the investment bankers to figure out exactly what we’re going to be buying back and when.”

For now, the several key participants of this company will first outline their plans around this trading avenue’s demise.

In the past, when SkyBridge sold its stake to FTX. At that time the company pledged to use $30 million to pay its investors and add to its balance sheet. 

Anthony also talked about the FTX exchange fraud and said that it is clear that FTX exchange did fraud with its customers & now legal proceedings will do according to what they did with people. 

Earlier this, Anthony denied to comment on FTX’s bankruptcy as a fraud and suggested people leave this thing to the investigation to figure out the actual incident that happened.

FTX exchange 

FTX was a popular digital assets trade platform but on 11 Nov 2022 exchange filed for bankruptcy. The main reason behind the downfall of the FTX exchange was the misuse of FTX customers’ funds by the FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). 

As per allegations, SBF funded his Crypto hedge company Alameda Research with the use of FTX customer’s funds & also he spent huge amounts of money blindly for personal benefits.

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