Solana foundation warns over its unauthorised MailChimp data access


The Solana foundation warns people to remain away from any kind of threat, which may be possible because of a recent attack on its MailChimp account.

Mailchimp is a popular marketing platform, provides email marketing services. This is an American company, which was founded by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, with Dan Kurzius joining at a later date in 2001. The majority of online websites prefer to use this service because of its trust level in the internet world.

On 14 Jan 2023, Solana foundation, a nonprofit organisation behind the Sol coin project, sent mail to users to inform them that recently its MailChimp account data was accessed & exported by an anonymous actor, which was unauthorised.

According to the Solana foundation, the whole incident took place before 12 Jan because on 12 Jan foundation came to know about this thing through an email from MailChimp. 

The unauthorised exported data includes telegram users’ names, user names, and email addresses. 

Solana foundation stated:

“Based on the information we have received from Mailchimp, the affected information may have included, inter alia, email addresses, names, and Telegram usernames, in each case only to the extent users provided any such information.”

This foundation suggested people not take tension about their credit or debit card details because any kind of such data  was not accessed by the bad actor, as per information provided by MailChimp.

The total number of affected users is still unknown and neither MailChimp nor Solana foundation talked about this through a dedicated announcement. 

Earlier this, on 14 Dec 2022, Gemini crypto exchange, announced that its MailChimp customers data was accessed by someone, which was also unauthorised. The exchange also warned people to remain away from any kind of phishing campaign attack. 

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