SoftBank Invested $200 Million In A Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange

Japanese banking services company  SoftBank decided to invest in a Cryptocurrency Exchange of Latin America. And they stated that they believe in his decision for a better revolution in the financial system at international level.

In these days Investment in big Cryptocurrency related projects by Banking sectors became a common trend. Because most of the banks understand very well about the potential of Cryptocurrency use.

The biggest Cryptocurrency exchange of Brazil, Mercado Bitcoin, got financial support to run & develop their exchange more perfectly.

Mercado Bitcoin got an Investment of $200 million dollars from SoftBank group corporation.

SoftBank Group Corporation is Japanese multinational company.

As SoftBank is a multinational company, it has connections in other countries’ financial services. This bank holds funds in Latin America’s banks also.

And they Invested their funds of $200 million from Latin America funds.

Reports says, Mercado Bitcoin noticed that most of the Latin American banking services are moving their Investment in Cryptocurrency firms.

So they decided to approach their local financial services to support them to grow their Cryptocurrency business to compete with other existing services at international level.

Exchange claimed that their team’s experience handling Cryptocurrency business is now matured and we got this financial support at perfect time. And we can handle this situation with more perfection for a better result for Cryptocurrency users.

Mercado Bitcoin stated that their main goal is to cover the whole international market to provide their services of Cryptocurrency buy & sell with more ease and in a more efficient way. And also they will develop a better financial infrastructure for Crypto users, so that every person can use Cryptocurrency.

Dagnoni said

, “The platform is quite integrated. So custody is very important in releasing the power of the institutional market. We’re also looking at regional expansions in LatAm and expansions via M&A [mergers and acquisitions] as well.”

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