Solana CEO considered him skeptic about crypto


The CEO of the popular blockchain network Solana compared the current situation of the world with the 1990s and said that there is huge uncertainty.

The Solana blockchain network achieved huge popularity and growth in this bill run. Solana came into existence around 4 year ago and also contributed to building big platforms like FTX.  And also played a key role in investing in big crypto companies. 

In these few recent months, Solana coin’s price surged from $30 to $130+ . And still the rally is going on in this situation of the market. 

But even with such huge success, Anatoly Yakovenko , ceo of the Solana protocol, considered himself as a skeptical person toward crypto.

“However, with all this success, Yakovenko told Blockworks in an interview, “I’m a skeptic, I’m probably the biggest skeptic of crypto.”

According to Antoly, the current situation is much similar to the 1990s of the US, where lots of companies with new new ideas and skills were in existence. But few of them left later. 

Antoly took the example of 6 degree company and said that it was a very popular and innovative company but later in 2000 it got shut down because of  less revenue and boost in their services. 

He also took the example of social media platforms and claimed that there were huge numbers of social media platforms but at the end here in the present time only Facebook, twitter and Linkedin like platforms are successful. 

“It was really hard to believe that Six Degrees or chainmail letters would end up with a trillion dollar company like Facebook. Just this idea that you can connect people socially over the internet, what was that worth? And in the 90s you would have thought that was crazy to think that it was worth anything”

So according to Antoly, the Crypto market industry will give similar kinds of results in the incoming future. Probably they tried to indicate that few crypto projects will exist in future and others will fail.

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