Solana ($SOL) 25% down over 3 months, big rally coming with BlackRock Sol spot ETF? 


Despite the significant downfall in the trade price of Solana (Sol), the majority of the crypto investors as well as developers showing an inclination toward Solana as the best investment asset under the current market sentiments.

Solana (Sol) is a popular & highly scalable blockchain network. Because of the unique protocol “Proof-of-history (PoH)”, the Solana network can process 65k transactions per second (TPS). To date, the Solana blockchain has only reached 1.6% of its theoretical maximum speed.

The current trade price of Solana (Sol) coin is $145 & this trade price is 22.5% down over the last 3 months period.

Some crypto analysts noted that it is the best time to accumulate more & more Sol coins because Solana is currently under the radar of the world’s top fund manager, BlackRock. 

Reportedly, BlackRock is planning to propose an application for Solana spot ETF product and this development will be visible practically somewhere after the summer of this year. 

Although no official statement around the Solana spot ETF plan came to the public domain by BlackRock or any other fund manager but experts believe it will happen surely after the approval of the S-1 form for Ethereum spot ETF applications and this is the reason why the majority of the crypto investors as well as developers showing interest in Solana blockchain.

If any official news regarding Solana spot ETF comes into the public domain then surely the trade price of Sol coin will suddenly start to show a big rally and may hit $350. 

First time, the concept & rumors around Solana spot ETF came to public domain somewhere in Nov 2023.

A person who spread the rumors about a Solana ETF from BlackRock was crypto influencer LitecoinYagami. 

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