Hacking incident with OKX crypto users is now getting more intense


A OKX exchange user suggested crypto investors not use the OKX crypto exchange because OKX denies taking any responsibility for the hacking incident. 

Three days ago, we reported that the OKX crypto exchange compensated two OKX users, victims of a hacking incident. OKX exchange mandated the use of Google authenticator for all the OKX users to prohibit similar kinds of incidents.

One of the OKX users who faced a hacking incident reported that the hacker succeeded in stealing his crypto assets because of the fault of his Telecom operator and also the OKX exchange’s negligence.

The user explained the whole story step by step & explained that the hacker succeeded in reissuing his mobile sim because of the Telecom operator’s negligence but still, the OKX team failed to freeze the funds. 

User’s mobile phone number was reissued by hackers through the telecom operator, which suggests a failure in the telecom company’s security and verification processes.

The victim explained that he reported the incident to the OKX team to freeze the stolen funds but they refused to do so & further ordered him to file a police complaint.

According to the OKX user, the transaction type was C2C merchants, while OKX claims to trust all C2C merchants, so why did OKX fail in freezing the funds? 

This OKX user also explained that fortunately he grabbed huge support from his local police officer but didn’t get support from the OKX team at a better level. 

Furthermore, he noted that he was using the same email account & mobile number for his Binance account but the hacker targeted his OKX account only. 

By considering this factor, the victim tried to explain that Binance crypto exchange is highly secure over OKX crypto exchange and people should be careful with their decision to go with OKX crypto exchange.

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